Top 5 Solutions to Missing Teeth

A lot of people have oral problems. These problems are often easily solved by simple solutions like brushing and flossing your teeth. However, some problems require more than that to fix. These common oral problems affect a large portion of the population.

These problems are often caused by accidents, lack of nutrition, disease, and even old age. This oral problem is missing teeth. Most people view this as a significant issue. This may affect their confidence, quality of life, and normal functioning. Knowing how this oral issue can be resolved could change a person’s life.

Dental Treatments for Missing Teeth

Oral problems like missing teeth are best handled by professionals. These problems cannot be resolved at home or by watching specific videos. These problems require precise procedures that experts in the dental profession perform. We have to realize that we cannot fix these issues ourselves. You can visit a dentists’s website and check their home page to learn more.

We have to recognize what these experts can do for us. Going to a dental clinic and consulting them for their recommended treatment would have the best effect. If you are interested in how dentists solve missing teeth issues, here are some treatments they recommend that you should be aware of;

Dental Implant

Dental implants have been an effective means of filling these oral gaps. These implants are made of tough, teeth-like materials that are screwed into the bone. This procedure can be a permanent fix to missing teeth. However, these may cost more compared to other dental procedures.

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge can be an option if you have multiple teeth missing. This procedure is similar to a dental implant but may prove to be a cheaper alternative. Having dental bridges can fill in multiple gaps in our smile and could have a more natural look. A lot of people opt to have this procedure done.


An option that is also offered by dentists is dentures. These items are for those situations where there are a number of missing teeth, or there are multiple gaps that can present challenges for dental implants and bridges. These dentures are also convenient as they can be removed to be cleaned or if they are inconvenient. Dentures can be an excellent option for elderly patients that have weakened or brittle bones.

Dental Crowns

Missing teeth can also be resolved by using a dental crown. This process can only be done when there are teeth that can be grinded down to place a crown on. This process is a less invasive treatment to resolve missing teeth issues. You can opt to have this treatment done if a dentist recommends it over other gap-filling treatments.


Missing teeth affect a lot of people and can have adverse effects on their quality of life. These problems can negatively impact their self-esteem and functioning. Luckily, we have dentists that we can call on to resolve these issues. Being able to understand how they can improve our lives can be an advantageous thing. We can capitalize on these benefits; we just have to talk to these experts about it.

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