A Closer Look at Popular Types of Massage Therapies

If you’re planning to give someone a massage or simply want to book yourself a session for a much-needed TLC or break, you might already be considering several types of massage to try. The spa menus you might come across may offer various rubdown choices, which you don’t know what they’re all about.

Thankfully, you would not have to stress about what massage to consider as we will cover several popular massage therapies that can meet your specific needs and fit the bill.

5 Types of Massages to Try

There’s so much more to massage therapies than what meets the eye. While some might think massages are just an indulgence that only brings relaxation, they are an exceptional and effective solution for numerous body ailments. You may visit websites like https://mmdchiropractic.ca/massage-therapy/ to learn more about the benefits of massage therapies.

So here are five common types of massages you can try today:

1. Aromatherapy Massage

This massage specialty uses different essential oils and traditional massage techniques. Customers are often given soft full-body massages while the oils are diluted and directly applied to the skin. Aromatherapy massages generally focus on the head, shoulder, and back areas.

2. Swedish Massage

Swedish massage might be amongst the most popular kinds of massage therapies on this list that utilize techniques like kneading, percussion, and effleurage, similar to chiropractic massage.

It also promotes blood flow, relieves muscle tension, and enhances an individual’s mood. You won’t have to bother with getting uncomfortable during the process. Swedish massage is a gentle full-body massage that offers a pleasant and relaxing experience from start to finish.

3. Chiropractic Massage

Chiropractic massage combines massage therapy techniques with holistic chiropractic approaches to promote nervous system and spine health. If you have vertebral subluxations or misaligned joints, this is when chiropractic services are useful. The adjustments chiropractors perform aim to remove pain or tension in the limbs or spine and correctly realign joints.

4. Deep Tissue Massage

Unlike Swedish massage that’s gentle, deep tissue massage applies more pressure. If you have chronic muscle issues like injuries, soreness, or imbalance, this massage is a great option to try. During a deep tissue massage, the therapist will use deep finger pressure and slow strokes to ease the stress from the connective tissues and deeper layers of the muscles. While deep tissue massages are more intense, you should not feel discomfort or soreness. This massage usually lasts around 60-90 minutes.

5. Sport Massage

Most athletes work hard with their bodies, which is why there’s an industry specifically tailored for sports massage. A sports massage can promote flexibility, relieve performance-related pains, and even prevent potential injuries. Massage therapists often integrate techniques like acupuncture or deep tissue massage to tailor an athlete’s specific needs while also depending on the sports they play.

Final Thoughts

The list we’ve provided is just a snapshot of the many popular massage types you can choose from when you walk in on a massage center. If you’re unsure what to choose from the list, speaking to the therapist about any symptoms you’re going through and goals you may have with your visit can help them recommend the type of massage that fits your needs.

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